North Side Critical Mass - Fri 9/12 7p
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  Tue 11/25 2:20a   Acc~ed
Any word on lakefront path conditions on the south side? #ChiLFT
  Mon 11/24 7:29p   Sylandi
Monday at 5 pm #ChiLFT salted from Oak St. north to at least Irving Park; Thanks @ChicagoParks for supporting winter riders and runners
  Mon 11/24 6:07p   Sarah A Smith
RT @activetrans: #ChiLFT crash victim Megan Williams wants to make path safer for all. Do you support separating bikes/peds?…
  Sat 11/22 11:18p   Geochord
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  Sat 11/22 12:47p   San~us
@kimmaves I tried looking up the #chilft but found nothing. It doesn't appear to bad by me either
  Sat 11/22 6:32a   Mikemoreau85
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  Fri 11/21 8:45p   Dis~ir
RT @activetrans: Join crash victim Megan Williams in telling Park District you support separating cyclists + peds on #ChiLFT…
  Fri 11/21 4:45p   Chicritmass
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  Fri 11/21 12:50p   For~in
No permitted events this wknd on #ChiLFT outside of regular training groups. Temps expected to rise into the 40s with rain likely.
  Fri 11/21 11:08a   Activetranslft
RT @activetrans: Join crash victim Megan Williams in telling Park District you support separating cyclists + peds on #ChiLFT…
  Fri 11/21 9:49a   Tommcgee56
Join crash victim Megan Williams in telling Park District you support separating cyclists + peds on #ChiLFT #bikechi
  Fri 11/21 9:30a   Activetrans  

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