North Side Critical Mass - Fri 9/12 7p
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RT @MichelleStenzel: We've clearly marked the Navy Pier detour that we'd prefer. #bikeCHI #chiLFT
  Tue 9/30 5:06p   Bikechiguide  
RT @MichelleStenzel: We've clearly marked the Navy Pier detour that we'd prefer. #bikeCHI #chiLFT
  Tue 9/30 4:38p   Forensicgarlic  
We've clearly marked the Navy Pier detour that we'd prefer. #bikeCHI #chiLFT
  Tue 9/30 4:20p   Michellestenzel  
Unless you're a fan of wet shoes, take the high road #chilft detour at Fullerton.
  Tue 9/30 8:31a   Erik D   ~4.5mi
#CHILFT waves crashing over the path at Fullerton and Oak bend. Wet but easily passable. Medium north wind.
  Tue 9/30 7:41a   Californium1   ~4.5mi
Nothing like a 25 mph headwind to make you really want to sock it to the people driving motorcycles on the #chilft.
  Mon 9/29 7:04p   Bikesarefun
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  Sun 9/28 10:04p   Mo~da
Have I told you how much I love #hyperlapse? Here’s a video of my friends #bikeCHI on #chiLFT
  Sun 9/28 9:40p   Stevevance  
Incredible sunrise during training run on #ChiLFT. Gorgeous day. Get out there, #runchi, #bikechi, it'll be November before you know it.
  Sat 9/27 11:19a   Ktwhitehead
FYI, looks like there's a half marathon using the #ChiLFT Saturday (tomorrow) morning, North Ave to Lawrence and back.
  Fri 9/26 3:02p   Mkatewhitmore   ~15.4mi
Cycling on the Lakefront Trail in Chicago. Conditions: excellent day for a ride! #CHILFT #chicago #biking #ifttt
  Fri 9/26 2:58p   Realburden  
Heads up. Still lots of glass scattered on trail between Oak and Grand. @activetransLFT #ChiLFT
  Fri 9/26 11:28a   Jbar3000
#ChiLFT events Sun 9/28: #Edgewater5k 8am start Foster to Hollywood
  Fri 9/26 11:23a   Activetranslft
#ChiLFT events Sat 9/27: Marathon Training Groups 6am start 31st north to Foster; Walk to End Alz 10am start Wilson to Berwyn
  Fri 9/26 11:23a   Activetranslft

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