North Side Critical Mass - Fri 5/9 7p
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NEWS from North Side Critical Mass - Fri 5/9 7pOld»        POST 
First weekday road ride on #chiLFT in god knows how long and I'm snacking like I went Long.
  Wed 4/16 9:13a   Brianfmorrissey
So this happened. #chilft @ Promontory Point Park
  Wed 4/16 7:39a   Brianfmorrissey  
Beat the sunrise. #chilft
  Wed 4/16 7:38a   Brianfmorrissey  
Was #chilft clear for the PM commute?
  Tue 4/15 10:20p   Californium1
MAN, I spoke too soon about not riding the #chiLFT
  Tue 4/15 2:55p   Baughblabs
RT @erik_d: #chilft in rough shape this morning; consistent ice all the way from Ardmore to Belmont. Oak Curve is…
  Tue 4/15 11:45a   Cjing3  
#CHILFT Ardmore to Montrose a slushy mess. Go slow on fat tires or turn around (like me); Broadway/side streets little better. Use caution.
  Tue 4/15 9:41a   Californium1
#chilft partly cleared downtown to Hyde Park but still much slush/ice-encrusted. Ok for running, saw 4-5 bikers but thought they were crazy
  Tue 4/15 9:30a   Sylandi
Slow going on the path. Ice most of the way from Foster - 18th #chilft
  Tue 4/15 9:07a   Johnpaulneal
Icy treacherous almost not rideable mess Irving Park to 31st but crews out salting #chilft
  Tue 4/15 9:05a   Hokieflanker
took my first spill since December on some black ice at 31st St overpass on #chilft - thanks @ChicagoParks!
  Tue 4/15 8:44a   Simonphearson
#chilft along LSD at Grant/Millennium Parks very unsafe; looks like ice from LSD was thrown over trail, and @ChicagoParks hasn't cleared
  Tue 4/15 8:43a   Simonphearson
#chilft HP to NP - untouched accumulated sleet throughout; passably crunchy but not too slick; will get worse as more runners go over
  Tue 4/15 8:42a   Simonphearson
Irving Park to Montrose. Sketchy but doable on cross tires and with some finesse. #ChiLFT
  Tue 4/15 8:20a   Jeffaholland

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