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Still some ice at 39th, McCormick, otherwise clear--c'mon @Chicagoparks, get 'r done #chilft
  Thu 1/22 9:22a   Sylandi
@ChicagoParks Do you know when the access point ramp to the #chilft at Waveland/Addison will be fixed?
  Thu 1/22 8:59a   Moderann
RT @jennik84: Loving my commute home on the #chiLFT, incl exploration of the unplowed wasteland that is south of Oak St beach.…
  Thu 1/22 8:09a   Bicicleto Zgz
RT @jennik84: Loving my commute home on the #chiLFT, incl exploration of the unplowed wasteland that is south of Oak St beach.…
  Thu 1/22 7:41a   Letsgorideabike
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RT @sarah_a_smith: The sky is cloudy but the #ChiLFT is clear from Irving Park to Oak; need to use Inner Drive detour Oak to Ohio
  Wed 1/21 9:17a   Activetranslft
The sky is cloudy but the #ChiLFT is clear from Irving Park to Oak; need to use Inner Drive detour Oak to Ohio
  Wed 1/21 8:40a   Sarah A Smith

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