Critical Lass - Thu 4/24 6p
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April Ride!
  Mon 4/7 11:55a   CRITICAL LASS
Kate here, I'd love to lead April's ride and start at BFF Bikes. Annie Byrne or Vanessa Buccella - are there particular days that work well for the shop? April 23rd/24th would be a good time I think. Hopefully nice weather.
  Tue 4/1 10:08a   Kate.Christenson

Hi cuties!
  Wed 3/26 1:03a   CRITICAL LASS

Cathy does Prince. Last song of the evening.
  Wed 3/26 12:04a   CRITICAL LASS

  Tue 3/25 11:25p   CRITICAL LASS

Who's Bruce?
  Tue 3/25 11:23p   CRITICAL LASS

Brave lasses riding on Sacramento. It's chilly so we were quiet.
  Tue 3/25 9:14p   CRITICAL LASS

March CCL ride! Thank you Karen J.!
  Tue 3/25 9:14p   CRITICAL LASS

Girlies, it's on. RSVP here or on The Chainlink so we can have a correct dinner reservation!
  Thu 3/20 10:31p   CRITICAL LASS  

OK, Lasses: We're riding next Tuesday evening, March 25th. Details to come, but save the date, lube your chains, invite your friends, and vote tomorrow!
  Mon 3/17 9:42a   CRITICAL LASS

March Critical Lass! Hi Ladies! Holly here. Sarah D and I were planning to put an event together this week, but she's got some commitments that make that impossible. We had hoped to ride the route on Monday, 3/24 and schedule the group ride on Tuesday, 3/25. Who has some thoughts or suggestions about this? Co-pilot wanted. Destination ideas wanted. Spring weather needed! Fwi...
  Wed 3/12 12:50p   CRITICAL LASS
I don't usually do this, but bike related! This really put a smile on my face and I dig her style. Also, March Ride? Anyone have any ideas? ?v=Mf69o9nR9RE
  Sun 2/23 9:16a   Karen.Janke  
Dear Reviewers, • This is my submission of the novel The Hammer and Cycle Messenger Service for book review. It's been my pleasure, Charles M. Fraser Announcement • Book Release of The Hammer and Cycle Messenger Service In as the novel's website was - Archived 06 Aug 2013 12:00 by the National Library of Australia at - The Archived 07 Feb 2014 13:55 http://pandora.nla.go...
  Wed 2/19 2:36p   Charlesm.Fraser  

Kate here! Sorry for the late notice ladies. I was going to try and plan a Lass for this week pending my sister's visit. Well her plans changed and now I have knee surgery scheduled for next week. I just don't have time to put together a route. Maybe we meet somewhere? Bowling again? If no one can go this week, I can't plan it as I'll be recovering.
  Tue 2/11 12:29p   CRITICAL LASS

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