UndieMass - Fri 7/31 5:45p
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 72F NW4 Clear 61h
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Need a ride? Download the Lyft app and use the coupon code "MURICA" to get $20 free. Enter the code in the Payments tab, then tap Request Lyft and your driver will pick you up in minutes!
  Fri 7/31 1:14a   Marlene Woodard
*******Can you receive and manage this fund ?********
  Thu 7/30 11:46p   Tes~st
RT @soozed: Emphatic YES to most of these. Still working on others : ) #cycling #bikeCHI #womencycling
  Thu 7/30 10:40p   Chicritmass  
@studiogang that is so awesome
  Thu 7/30 10:40p   Chicritmass
Millennials prefer walking to driving, Realtors find, so housing in mixed-use neighborhoods with transit access has …
  Thu 7/30 9:34p   Chicritmass  
Partnership/Investment (Ref:62.225.) Dear Sir/Madam, I make this offer on behalf of my client. My client is a political exposed person in Taiwan, he is in a challenging situation and must immediately relocate certain sums of money out of Taiwan and China and this must be done in such a way that it must not be traced to him. I am contacting you because this has to be done b...
  Thu 7/30 5:52p   Nei~er
Re: Chicago Critical Mass image attached. (Text ? to for help.) MAP
  Thu 7/30 3:57p   Jes~88  
@ILBicycleLaw the sweetest logo in town
  Thu 7/30 2:49p   Chicritmass
RT @ILBicycleLaw: You've seen the Chicago Bike Flag all over #bikeCHI, but did you know that they are FREE? Hit the link for details: http:…
  Thu 7/30 2:49p   Chicritmass
RT @thechainlinkorg: This week: Morris bike camping report & Bike Ride Bucket Lists #bikeCHI #bikecamp…
  Thu 7/30 2:48p   Chicritmass  
RT @Chucko78: New bike jersey. I am a twin cylinder, 4 valve, liquid cooled power plant. Vroom. #bikechi
  Thu 7/30 2:48p   Chicritmass   ~12.7mi 
RT @bikechicago: @ChiCritMass #underwear #ride is tomorrow night! #Supportgenderequality #Rentabike -->…
  Thu 7/30 2:26p   Chicritmass  
Who want to do this?!
  Thu 7/30 1:33p   Andrew Reinke
[*CCM*] Metra Alert - System Wide - Lollapalooza Alcohol Restrictions & Bike Warning Dates Lollapalooza Alcohol Restrictions & Bike Warning Dates The following Lollapalooza alcohol restrictions will take place on July 31, August 1 and August 2: Friday 7/31 No Alcohol After 7 p.m. Saturday 8/1 No Alcohol All Day Sunday 8/2 No Alcohol All Da...
  Wed 7/29 12:19p   Gjv~nt

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