Lonely Locked Bits of Bikes
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Lonely Locked Bits of Bikes
Abandoned decaying bikes, still locked to something. Hapless innocent casualties with unknowable stories, like puppy bones leashed to a tree. See one? Smartphone users email a photo to
(not by mms, and enable camera gps)
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12/4 2:33p Orphaned vintage blue Schwinn breeze on Clinton north of Madison. (~2-4 South Clinton Street)
LLBB Orphaned vintage blue Schwinn breeze on Clinton north of Madison. (~2-4 South Clinton Street)
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LLBB Blue Viscount near Billy Goat, lower Hubbard. Not easy to see but both wheels are bent and tires are flat. (~424-498 ...
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LLBB Black custom on VanBuren W of LaSalle. (~132-152 West Van Buren Street)
LLBB Blue unlabeled on Milwaukee at Cambell (~2000 North Milwaukee Avenue)
LLBB Red Next Shocker locked to a tree South of Wilson on LFT (~Lakefront Trail)
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