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Shipment delivery problem #0000887190 Dear Customer, This is to confirm that one or more of your parcels has been shipped. Shipment Label is attached to email. Yours faithfully, Wayne Rosen, Sr. Station Agent.
  Sun 6/26 1:37a   Way~en

Cheap Teal Show Pony gradually decaying directly across the street from Music Box Theatre for about a year. (~3725 N Southport Ave)
  Thu 6/2 1:42p   Andrew Bedno   ~1.8mi

Abandoned black diamond back cross country at 222 S. Riverside Plaza (~214-216 South Riverside Plaza)
  Mon 7/27/15 6:42p   Andrew Bedno   ~6.8mi
Lost bike (~Amtrak, South Riverside Plaza)
  Wed 6/10/15 4:51p   Chr~an   ~6.8mi
Abandoned (~750 Avenue, Evanston)
  Mon 6/8/15 8:13a   Chr~an   ~4mi
Lost bike (~451-499 West Jackson Boulevard)
  Thu 6/4/15 8:12a   Chr~an   ~6.9mi
Another bike (~451-499 West Jackson Boulevard)
  Tue 6/2/15 4:48p   Chr~an   ~6.9mi
Abandoned bikes (~10 South Riverside Plaza)
  Tue 5/26/15 8:51a   Chr~an   ~6.6mi

Red Schwinn "Aluminum" been at least five months at Cornelia and PineGrove. (~3500-3510 North Pine Grove Avenue)
  Sat 4/11/15 7:53p   Andrew Bedno   ~2.3mi
Evanston (~835 Ridge Avenue, Evanston)
  Fri 3/20/15 6:08p   Chr~an   ~4.2mi
Found this in Evanston (~901-949 University Place, Evanston)
  Fri 3/13/15 7p   Chr~an   ~5.3mi
Bike bits @ grand & wabash
  Wed 1/28/15 8:36a   Dan~er   ~6.1mi

Orphaned vintage blue Schwinn breeze on Clinton north of Madison. (~2-4 South Clinton Street)
  Thu 12/4/14 2:33p   Andrew Bedno   ~6.6mi

Blue Viscount near Billy Goat, lower Hubbard. Not easy to see but both wheels are bent and tires are flat. (~424-498 North Rush Street)
  Sun 6/22/14 12:11a   Andrew Bedno   ~6.2mi

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