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Bike bits @ grand & wabash
  Wed 1/28 8:36a   Dan~er   ~6.1mi

Orphaned vintage blue Schwinn breeze on Clinton north of Madison. (~2-4 South Clinton Street)
  Thu 12/4/14 2:33p   Andrew Bedno   ~6.6mi

Blue Viscount near Billy Goat, lower Hubbard. Not easy to see but both wheels are bent and tires are flat. (~424-498 North Rush Street)
  Sun 6/22/14 12:11a   Andrew Bedno   ~6.2mi

Black custom on VanBuren W of LaSalle. (~132-152 West Van Buren Street)
  Fri 10/18/13 3:21p   Andrew Bedno   ~7mi

Blue unlabeled on Milwaukee at Cambell (~2000 North Milwaukee Avenue)
  Wed 8/28/13 10:04a   Andrew Bedno   ~4.1mi

Red Next Shocker locked to a tree South of Wilson on LFT (~Lakefront Trail)
  Sat 8/10/13 6:25p   Andrew Bedno   ~1.3mi

Purple Stratus Pacific along Belmont Harbor (~North Outer Lake Shore Drive)
  Sun 8/4/13 4:47p   Andrew Bedno   ~3mi

Red Scwinn Fronier on Clinton west of Jackson. (~309 South Clinton Street)
  Wed 7/10/13 7:08p   Andrew Bedno   ~6.9mi

Yellow Schwinn LeTour at Clark and Farragut (~5225 North Clark Street)
  Sat 7/6/13 3:06p   Andrew Bedno   ~.1mi

Red Scwinn Super Sport on Aberdeen.
  Tue 6/11/13 2:31p   Andrew Bedno   ~5.5mi

Tagged Trek outside Uptown Bikes.
  Sat 6/1/13 12:49p   Andrew Bedno   ~.8mi

Black unlabeled at 5024 N Sheridan
  Sat 4/13/13 1:26p   Andrew Bedno   ~.7mi

What the hell happened here?!?
  Mon 3/18/13 2:53p   Andrew Bedno   ~.5mi

Blue Schwinn near 1224 W Fullerton (~1228-1236 West Fullerton Avenue)
  Tue 12/25/12 12:52a   Andrew Bedno   ~3.5mi

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