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  Fri 10/30/15 4:27p   G~e   ~5mi

Abandoned black diamond back cross country at 222 S. Riverside Plaza (~214-216 South Riverside Plaza)
  Mon 7/27/15 6:42p   Andrew Bedno   ~6.8mi
Lost bike (~Amtrak, South Riverside Plaza)
  Wed 6/10/15 4:51p   Chr~an   ~6.8mi
Abandoned (~750 Avenue, Evanston)
  Mon 6/8/15 8:13a   Chr~an   ~4mi
Lost bike (~451-499 West Jackson Boulevard)
  Thu 6/4/15 8:12a   Chr~an   ~6.9mi
Another bike (~451-499 West Jackson Boulevard)
  Tue 6/2/15 4:48p   Chr~an   ~6.9mi
Abandoned bikes (~10 South Riverside Plaza)
  Tue 5/26/15 8:51a   Chr~an   ~6.6mi

Red Schwinn "Aluminum" been at least five months at Cornelia and PineGrove. (~3500-3510 North Pine Grove Avenue)
  Sat 4/11/15 7:53p   Andrew Bedno   ~2.3mi
Evanston (~835 Ridge Avenue, Evanston)
  Fri 3/20/15 6:08p   Chr~an   ~4.2mi
Found this in Evanston (~901-949 University Place, Evanston)
  Fri 3/13/15 7p   Chr~an   ~5.3mi
Bike bits @ grand & wabash
  Wed 1/28/15 8:36a   Dan~er   ~6.1mi

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