Kidical Mass - Sat 9/13/14 10:30a
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 69F NW3 Mostly Cloudy 89h
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Kidical Mass
Sat Sep 13th 2014 10:30a

Kidical Mass is a takeoff of the term, Critical Mass -- the monthly bicycle ride that happens here in Chicago and around the world. Whereas Critical Mass is a ride for everyone, Kidical Mass is a ride for kids! The rides are chaperoned by parents and generally stick to residential streets. Rides depart regardless of weather: rain, snow, or shine!
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5/28 5:19p This is where the LP Kidical Mass ride will end on Saturday. With bike checks by #PerformanceBicycles an...
KID This is where the LP Kidical Mass ride will end on Saturday. With bike checks by #PerformanceBicycles and bike safety...
KID We get a lot of questions about biking for two - be sure to check out our FREE event THIS Thursday. And pass it on to...
KID The South Loop is a few weeks away, but we hope you'll join us, as it's going to be "out of this world!"
KID Lincoln Square - May 2015
KID Join Edison Park Kidical Mass for a family friendly ride on Saturday 5/30 at 9:00 am! We will gather at 9:00 a.m. at ...
KID Family biking is on the rise in Seattle! And Chicago, too, though it's not mentioned in this article.
KID Taking it to the Streets with Kidical Mass and Lincoln Central Association #Kids43 #Bike43
KID "Bicycling provides an estimated $668 million per year in economic benefit to Michigan's economy". Bicycling is good ...
KID There are some exciting bike lane designs in this article.
KID Kidical Mass Lincoln Park kicks off its summer rides on Saturday May 30th 2015 at 9:30am at #OzPark. This family frie...
KID Anyone planning on taking the kiddos on a car free Lake Shore Drive this Sunday? Our friends at Active Transportation...
KID Lincoln Square kidical mass rolling out tomorrow morning. Join us at the Wells Park Gazebo at 10:00am for a family fu...
KID Hi, were avid cycling parents having difficulty teaching our 5 yrs old how to ride without training wheels. I was won...
KID More on what to expect from our upcoming bike education series, partnering with Active Transportation Alliance!
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