Kidical Mass - Sat 7/12 10:30a
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 Partly Cloudy 80F SW6
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Kidical Mass
Sat Jul 12th 10:30a

Kidical Mass is a takeoff of the term, Critical Mass -- the monthly bicycle ride that happens here in Chicago and around the world. Whereas Critical Mass is a ride for everyone, Kidical Mass is a ride for kids! The rides are chaperoned by parents and generally stick to residential streets. Rides depart regardless of weather: rain, snow, or shine!
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8/19 12:49p WE'RE ON TWITTER! Follow us for even more fun and updates about your favorite family friendly bike ride!
KID WE'RE ON TWITTER! Follow us for even more fun and updates about your favorite family friendly bike ride!
KID Big thanks to the parent who wrote this lovely blog post about our August Roscoe Village Kidical Mass Ride. It was ou...
KID Thanks to all the families that joined us for the Lincoln Square Kidical Mass ride. You all helped to make it a succe...
KID Haze or Shine we hope to see you at Lincoln Square Kidical Mass. This morning at 10am.
KID Thank you all for joining us today in the South Loop- what a great morning! Hope to see you again on September 20th- ...
KID **We moved our starting point for August! Spread the Word!** Bring (all) those bikes over to Cotton Tail Park this Sa...
KID Join us this Sunday at 10:00am for the Lincoln Square Kidical Mass ride. We will begin and end at the Welles Park Gaz...
KID Re:Re:payment please do not reply directly. if you want to contact us, pleaseĀ click here . We provide E-mail address...
KID Bring your swim trunks! The Logan Square ride will explore the trails of Humboldt Park and terminate at a playground ...
KID Logan Square Kidical Mass meets tomorrow -- Saturday, August 9th -- at 10:30am at the Bunny Park playground in Palmer...
KID Helmet - CHECK! Beautiful weather - CHECK! Bubble Gun - CHECK! Who's ready for kidical mass this morning?!?! See you ...
KID NEED TIPS FOR FITTING YOUR KID'S HELMET? The City of Chicago's Bicycling Ambassadors will be at the Roscoe Village ri...
KID Indulge in Delicious, All Natural, Organic Chocolates Who would have thought that chocolate could be soo healthy and ...
KID Nice article, Damon!!! We can only hope! Saskia
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