Kidical Mass - Sat 9/13/14 10:30a
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Kidical Mass
Sat Sep 13th 2014 10:30a

Kidical Mass is a takeoff of the term, Critical Mass -- the monthly bicycle ride that happens here in Chicago and around the world. Whereas Critical Mass is a ride for everyone, Kidical Mass is a ride for kids! The rides are chaperoned by parents and generally stick to residential streets. Rides depart regardless of weather: rain, snow, or shine!
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5/3 3:15p Wednesday May 4th is National Bike to School Day! Who's riding?
KID Wednesday May 4th is National Bike to School Day! Who's riding?
KID Get the scoop on kiddie cargo tomorrow!
KID Ok....I gave a stab at updating the website with my ZERO drupal skills.....aside from the rides that have not communi...
KID Thanks to all the heroes that came out for the Super Hero Spin this morning in Roscoe Village! Clearly we intimidated...
KID The Superhero Spin is gonna be grooving....hope to see you today! Meet at 10am at Audubon Elementary. #BYOCape #BikeCHI
KID Grab your sidekicks and your capes!
KID I just bought a bobike jr. to put on the back of my bike but b/c of the seat stay on my bike, it won't fit. Any ideas...
KID I did not realize there was a separate Oak Park Kidical Mass page, and thought that might be true for others as well,...
KID Hey all - we are making the crazy move to the burbs:((. Are there any kidical mass rides outside of the city besides ...
KID Hi Kidical Mass friends: We are very sorry for the late notice but the Lincoln Square ride is cancel today. We hope t...
KID Today's Logan Square ride saw fourteen riders- four families and five cargobikes. Eight kids, seven on bikes one on h...
KID Kids driving you NUTS? Wear them out with a bike ride this morning! The Roscoe Village ride meets at 10am at the Audu...
KID What's got 6 eyes, 2 pedals and 50 pounds of cargo??? THIS BIKE (when fully loaded)! Hope to see your lovely faces at...
KID The Roscoe Village organizers have been hard at work! We've got some fun events for 2016!!! Share with your networks!...  © 2016 Andrew Bedno