Kidical Mass - Sat 9/13/14 10:30a
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NEWS from Kidical Mass - Sat 9/13/14 10:30aOld»        POST 
I just bought a bobike jr. to put on the back of my bike but b/c of the seat stay on my bike, it won't fit. Any ideas? Or is anyone selling a Soma or Yuba cargo bike?? :)
  Mon 4/25 5:16p   Kiley Piercy

I did not realize there was a separate Oak Park Kidical Mass page, and thought that might be true for others as well, so I am posting a link here to get the word out.
  Mon 4/25 12:43p   KIDICAL MASS  
Hey all - we are making the crazy move to the burbs:((. Are there any kidical mass rides outside of the city besides evanston and oak park? We will be in deerfield and all i can think about is organizing a kidical mass ride up there.
  Sat 4/23 4:52p   Julie Aberman-Hochstadter

Hi Kidical Mass friends: We are very sorry for the late notice but the Lincoln Square ride is cancel today. We hope to see you in May!
  Sun 4/17 7:01a   KIDICAL MASS

Today's Logan Square ride saw fourteen riders- four families and five cargobikes. Eight kids, seven on bikes one on his napspace. Ice and cold made for a brisk ride but the sun more than made up for it. We rode to the Damen Plaza on the 606, played on the serpent and ate sandwiches and bagels. Then rode back to Palmer Square with another long play break at Julia de Burgos Pa...
  Sat 4/9 10:24p   KIDICAL MASS   ~6.2mi

Kids driving you NUTS? Wear them out with a bike ride this morning! The Roscoe Village ride meets at 10am at the Audubon School playground at 3500 N. Hoyne. #RainRainGoAway #SnowSnowYouMustGo #BikeCHI
  Sun 4/3 7:28a   KIDICAL MASS   ~2.1mi

What's got 6 eyes, 2 pedals and 50 pounds of cargo??? THIS BIKE (when fully loaded)! Hope to see your lovely faces at the Roscoe Village Ride this Sunday at 10am. Meet you in the Audubon Elementary playground! #bikeCHI #familybiking #pumpupthosetires
  Wed 3/30 3:54p   KIDICAL MASS   ~3.9mi

The Roscoe Village organizers have been hard at work! We've got some fun events for 2016!!! Share with your networks! #BikeCHI #FamilyBiking #Chicagofamilybiking #POSTBEDTIMEBREWANDPLAN #TakingOvertheSTREETS
  Mon 3/21 8:53a   KIDICAL MASS
So when do these start up again? Eliana and I are bike mobile now!
  Wed 3/16 4:34p   Julie Aberman-Hochstadter

I (ash) have ton of Logan square Kidical Mass fliers to pass on. I can drop off today or tomorrow to whoever wants to claim them.
  Sat 2/13 10:32a   KIDICAL MASS

I'll be heading up a table for Bike Winter at this month's Polar Adventure Days on Northerly Island. Even if you've stopped riding, or just stopped riding with kiddos this winter, be sure to stop by. There's lots to do and learn. - Kevin Boulevard Bikes
  Tue 1/5 9:07a   KIDICAL MASS  

Ride today! Palmer Square 11am. Route to be determined.
  Sat 12/12/15 9:55a   KIDICAL MASS

Thanks for the small group that joined us for Lincoln Square Kidical mass today. We had some beautiful weather and two serious independent riders. Hope everyone for our to enjoy the day.
  Sun 11/15/15 8:51p   KIDICAL MASS

Lincoln Square Kidical Mass lets get out and enjoy the last of our beautiful weather. We'll be at Wells Park Gazebo at 10:00am for a 10:30 start time. We are going to enjoy a bit of the North Shore Channel Trail and end up at River Park. Hope to see you tomorrow.
  Sat 11/14/15 10:18a   KIDICAL MASS

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