Kidical Mass - Sat 9/13/14 10:30a
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NEWS from Kidical Mass - Sat 9/13/14 10:30aOld»        POST 

Worth watching.
  Wed 1/28 7:30a   KIDICAL MASS

Are you interested in a Hyde Park kidical mass ride? We have had one in the past (2012-2013) and are thinking of restarting it depending on interest. If you are interested, please email, and we'll add you to the Hyde Park email list and get a conversation going about the details (which day? time?). Do we have enough interest to get some real m...
  Tue 1/27 2:12p   KIDICAL MASS

Look, look, a workshop on family cycling with cargo bikes. Go check it out!
  Tue 1/27 10:47a   KIDICAL MASS

Seven kids and six growed-ups rode today's kidical mass to the Humboldt Park sledding hill. We owned the hill. The sun kept us warm in spite of the exposure. February, here we come.
  Sat 1/10 2:55p   KIDICAL MASS

Hey Folks, this times perfectly for Logan Square's Kidical Mass. I was going to propose we head to the sledding hill in Humboldt Park. We can still do that, and use the fieldhouse/this event as a warmer-upper. So- Everyone bring some warm clothes and sleds for all and lets have some outdoor fun! Yippee! Meet at Bunny Park/Palmer Square after 10:30am, we start riding around 1...
  Thu 1/8 10:59a   KIDICAL MASS

Anyone else celebrate the holidays with a new bicycle? Send/Post your pix!
  Fri 12/26/14 4:54p   KIDICAL MASS

Anyone else celebrate the holidays with a new bicycle? Post your pix!
  Fri 12/26/14 4:54p   KIDICAL MASS
One last event for the year. Please stop by for some good nosh and music. Kid friendly.
  Mon 12/15/14 10:40p   Boulevard Bikes

The Logan Square ride today ended with a swim. Does that make it a Duathlon?
  Sat 12/13/14 7:40p   KIDICAL MASS

Kidical Mass rides tomorrow from Palmer Square at 11am to Koz Park. The pool is open from 12pm-2:45pm for Youth Swim. We are not exactly sure what that means (can adults swim with their youth?) but surely the kids will be able to swim. If you don't want to swim, no worries; there's a playground at Koz and a newish coffee shop across the street at Avers and Diversey, Brew Bre...
  Fri 12/12/14 6:58p   KIDICAL MASS   ~1.2mi

Join us this morning at 10am (10:30 departure) for the last Roscoe Village Ride until April! Meet at Audubon Elementary's brand new playground! We'll be ending at Dinkels Bakery. MMMmmmmm......DONUTS.......!!!
  Sun 12/7/14 6:34a   KIDICAL MASS

Logan Square Kidical Mass is this coming Saturday, the 13th. Meet-up after 10:30, we try to start riding at 11am. Bunny Park. Bring a bathing suit, we're planning to stop at Koz Park's indoor pool. If you can find the events page there's info there too.
  Sat 12/6/14 7:42p   KIDICAL MASS

Join us for THE LAST ROSCOE RIDE OF 2014 (resuming in April). We'll be riding by the brand new Hamlin Park playground and ending at Dinkels Bakery to warm up! Bring your pocket change for a victory donut!
  Fri 12/5/14 4:59p   KIDICAL MASS

Lincoln Square Kidical Mass. We will leaving Wells Park at 10:30 am for a cool and quick ride to Giddings Plaza. This Sunday November 16th.
  Fri 11/14/14 1:19p   KIDICAL MASS

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