Kidical Mass - Sat 9/13/14 10:30a
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 83F SE4 Mostly Cloudy 92i
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NEWS from Kidical Mass - Sat 9/13/14 10:30aOld»        POST 
Hi; I just discovered you guys! Can't wait to get out first bike ride in woohoo!!
  Sun 7/17 11:24a   Natalie Bowers

Getting ready for tomorrow's ride in Roscoe Village. Come early and decorate your bike! #bikeCHI
  Sat 7/2 2:07p   KIDICAL MASS

DECORATE THOSE BIKES and join us this Sunday for a super fun ride in Roscoe Village. Meet at 10am at 3500 N. Hoyne. Ride leaves at 10:30am and ends at Hamlin Park Pool! Free and Open to the public. SHARE this image and help us spread the word! #BikeCHI #familybiking #poolparty MORE EVENT INFO:
  Thu 6/30 3:30p   KIDICAL MASS   ~2.1mi 

We're planning our playlist for our Independence Day Ride in Roscoe Village this weekend. What are YOUR favorite American Anthems? Bonus points for youtube videos....
  Wed 6/29 8:52a   KIDICAL MASS

Photos from the new Jefferson Park ride.
  Sun 6/26 11:58a   KIDICAL MASS

Sun's coming out after the rain. Looks like the First Jefferson Park Kidical Mass today is a GO!
  Sun 6/26 9:31a   KIDICAL MASS

Chicago Family Bike Fair
  Sat 6/18 11:21a   KIDICAL MASS

We have a ride in McKinley Park, Oak Park AND the Family Bike Fair this morning! Join us for an event, tire out those kids, sit back and enjoy a mojito while they sleep SOUND. #SoManyEvents #sleepykidhappyparent #chicagosummer #bikeCHI
  Sat 6/18 6:43a   KIDICAL MASS

Chant with me now.....RAFFLE!...RAFFLE!....RAFFLE!...RAFFLE!
  Fri 6/17 2:44p   KIDICAL MASS

The Family Bike Fair will have experts from Active Transportation Alliance on hand to talk to you about balance bikes - a tool for toddlers to learn to balance, steer and one day ride without ever using training wheels. Join us on Saturday at Jahn Elementary from 10 - 1pm. #familybikefair #BikeCHI #ChiBikeWeek Strider Bikes
  Thu 6/16 3:51p   KIDICAL MASS

Need ANOTHER reason to check out the Family Bike Fair on Saturday????? Trained instructors from West Town Bikes will be hosting a Bike Rodeo, where kids and families can practice bike handling, learn tips for safe cycling, play games and test their skills on a bike obstacle course. Bring your own bike and helmet to participate! THANK YOU WEST TOWN BIKES!!!!!
  Wed 6/15 2:18p   KIDICAL MASS   ~3.6mi

Bicycle shaped balloon art??? ummmmm.....YES #bikeCHI #familybikefair
  Tue 6/14 1:54p   KIDICAL MASS

WIN A YEPP MINI at the Family Bike Fair this Saturday!!! That's right - we are going to have a SWEET RAFFLE! #FamilyBikeFair BIG thanks to J.C. Lind Bike Co. for the donation. More event info:
  Mon 6/13 10:46a   KIDICAL MASS  

In case you needed another reason to go to the Family Bike Fair on 6/ could win KIND Snacks to keep your kids fueled all SUMMER! Don't forget to RSVP!
  Wed 6/8 2:47p   KIDICAL MASS

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