Kidical Mass - Sat 9/13/14 10:30a
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 72F SE2-7 Mostly Cloudy 62h
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NEWS from Kidical Mass - Sat 9/13/14 10:30aOld»        POST 

Thanks to all of our friends who came out for our 1st Ride of the season. We couldn't have asked for a better day. See you all again next month! #Bike43
  Sun 6/28 5:28p   KIDICAL MASS

Not much of a turnout for Edison Park's kidical mass today but we did some recruiting at the Edison Park train playground so next month's ride (July 25th) should be a great community bike ride!! Hope everyone is enjoying the great weather!
  Sat 6/27 12:11p   KIDICAL MASS

For once it is predicted to NOT rain for an Edison Park Kidical Mass Ride! Come on out for a leisurely bike ride from Ebinger Elementary School to Oriole Park Playground. We will gather at 9am and push off at 9:30 am. Hope to see you out!
  Fri 6/26 9:01p   KIDICAL MASS
Is there a local forum somewhere for buying and selling used cargo bikes?
  Fri 6/26 12:43p   Jana Fredericks

3 hours till our Family Biking Education Event! Come by and get all the tools you need to get your little ones on two wheels. Tonight, 7pm at Heritage Littles.
  Wed 6/24 3:48p   KIDICAL MASS

Balance bike or training wheels???? Join the conversation on Wednesday!
  Mon 6/22 1:31p   KIDICAL MASS

Get those kids on bikes! We will give you all the info you need to give your kiddo freedom from training wheels! This event is free and open to the public.
  Wed 6/17 9:36p   KIDICAL MASS

Made it! The sun came out, and we made it to the Adler. :)
  Sun 6/14 12:39p   KIDICAL MASS

Well the sun pulled through today- we hope to see it again tomorrow, one way or another! Join us for our "Pedal Past the Planets Ride" in the South Loop in the morning!
  Sat 6/13 7:05p   KIDICAL MASS
Sign up for the biggest family bike ride the world has ever seen! Plan a ride in your community, spread the word and lets get thousands of families out riding bikes on Sept. 19th for the Kidical Massive event!
  Fri 6/12 12:10p   Kidical Mass  

Friend and family biking expert Gin Kilgore gives Chicago Magazine the straight dope on biking with kids!
  Thu 6/11 5:21p   KIDICAL MASS

Lincoln Square Kidical Mass ride is on June 21st. We are leaving at 10:30am. Join us for a fun Father's Day ride!
  Thu 6/11 4:33p   KIDICAL MASS

Logan Square Kidical Mass is in the Tribune!
  Thu 6/11 2:33p   KIDICAL MASS  

FYI regarding the Cortland Bridge Closing. Thanks @BrianHopkins. #TheNew2
  Mon 6/8 11:09a   KIDICAL MASS

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