Kidical Mass - Sat 9/13/14 10:30a
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NEWS from Kidical Mass - Sat 9/13/14 10:30aOld»        POST 

Great turnout for the Edison Park Kidical Mass ride today! Went to a splash park to cool off!
  Sat 7/25 10:07p   KIDICAL MASS

Come Ride with us this Sunday 4pm Oz Park.
  Fri 7/24 7:51a   KIDICAL MASS
*Admins, if this is not ok to post here, please take it down. * I am in search of a used bakfeits or workcycles kr8. Anyone know of one going up for sale soon?
  Thu 7/23 12:48p   Jana Fredericks

Got Plans for Sunday afternoon?Now you do.@KidicalMassChi Family Fun Ride through LP. 4pm #OzPark.
  Wed 7/22 4:13p   KIDICAL MASS  

Thanks to everyone who joined us this morning for the Lincoln Square ride. Hope to see you all next month. Photo credit to Zoe on the back of my bike.
  Sun 7/19 5:18p   KIDICAL MASS

Beat the heat with us! We will be ending our ride at the River Park Water Playground. See you tomorrow morning at the Welles Park Gazebo for a fun family bike ride.
  Sat 7/18 9:29a   KIDICAL MASS

Thanks for coming out to the South Loop ride this morning! That was super fun. :)
  Sun 7/12 1:44p   KIDICAL MASS

Hey Folks - I'm doing a piece on bicycling with children for Outdoor Family Magazine and would love any insight you have. Just a few short questions. Thanks so much for your help.
  Fri 7/10 1:30p   KIDICAL MASS  

Hello folks! I'm sorry I can't create an event for the July Logan Square Kidical Mass. I'm without computer. My smartphone and Facebook don't get along well. But we will be joining New Belgium's bike parade for this month's Kidical Mass. The link is cumbersome, but says meet up is at 10am, with the ride starting at 11am- just like normal. It also encourages costumes, for you...
  Thu 7/9 11:33p   KIDICAL MASS  

So fun seeing you all at the park this morning. Really hoping to join you as soon as I get my box-bike!
  Sun 7/5 9:54p   Amy Louise Negussie

The weather gods are smiling! #RideWithUs #BikeCHI #FamilyBiking
  Fri 7/3 12:02p   KIDICAL MASS

If you live around Albany Park, bike safety!
  Thu 7/2 7:16p   KIDICAL MASS

The Roscoe Village Kidical Mass Ride was voted THE #1 THING TO DO WITH YOUR FAMILY THIS WEEKEND!!!!! (according to Chicago Kidical Mass) Hope to see you Sunday. Meet us at Audubon School at 10am. The ride will end at Margaret Donahue Park! BRING YOUR SWIMSUIT!
  Thu 7/2 2:30p   KIDICAL MASS

Thanks to all of our friends who came out for our 1st Ride of the season. We couldn't have asked for a better day. See you all again next month! #Bike43
  Sun 6/28 5:28p   KIDICAL MASS

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