Critical Lass - Wed 5/28 6p
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 Mostly Cloudy 70F NW3
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Critical Lass
Wed May 28th 6p

Critical Lass is a monthly 5-8 mile bike ride exclusively for women/trans cyclists. We meet often on the third Thursday of each month at varying locations Begin arriving at 6pm for a 6:30 departure. The route will change monthly, always ending at a restaurant or bar for drinks, nosh and conversation.
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7/9 9:45a b---hy Resting Face? Nope - it must be... Bicycle Face!
CL b---hy Resting Face? Nope - it must be... Bicycle Face!
CL The librarian in me can't help but post this link to free scholarly articles about cycling. Personally, I'm foaming a...
CL Hey! I just heard about this group--is there gonna be one in July??
CL Is anyone up for planning a June ride or are we pushing to July since May ended up in June? I (Kate) am freeish this ...
CL We forgot to take pictures until the end, and this is the only one that turned out. 4 Suyos was great, though!
CL (Pictures, please! Hope last night was fun!)
CL My friend has this lovely bike for sale. If anyone is interested, get at it. I don't think she's put it on Craigslist...
CL Dear Critical Lasses, I am posting a short description, as well as a photo album, of two bicycles that I am selling. ...
CL Did you all see the Google Doodle for today? Happy Mother's Day to all the Lass mamas and all of the dog and cat and ...
CL Who wants to lead a May ride?! It might actually be warm!
CL Hello Lesbian Lassers! Looks like one of the new women-owned shops is hosting a fun Thursday night thing this week! C...
CL Photos are up! Let me know if you want me send them over to you for re-posting.
CL  ~2425 West Lyndale Street
CL April Ride!
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