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Go see a free screening of the documentary Dreamcatcher @ #KennicottPark, 4434 S Lake Park, on 7/10 from 6:30-8:30pm.
  Tue 7/7 6:02p   Chicagoparks   ~4.9mi 
Join @1nearnorth & @AldermanBurnett for a night of great Jazz Music @ #SewardPark on 7/10 from 6 - 9pm.
  Tue 7/7 4:02p   Chicagoparks  
MT @MalcolmLondon: @chancetherapper & @OpenMikeChicago @ #ColesPark taking @ChicagoParks kids on trip 2 @FieldMuseum
  Tue 7/7 3:58p   Chicagoparks  
MT @chancetherapper: Surprising our 1st @ChicagoParks #daycamp by taking them up to @fieldmuseum for a special behind the scenes look!
  Tue 7/7 3:56p   Chicagoparks
Mixed Company Band performs at #FosterPark, 1440 W 84th St, on July 9 from 6:30 - 8:30pm! FREE! All ages.
  Tue 7/7 2:03p   Chicagoparks   ~9.8mi 
Join us @ #DawesPark, 8052 S Damen, on 7/9 from 7-8pm for a high-energy performance featuring The Mike Dangeroux Band
  Tue 7/7 12:04p   Chicagoparks   ~9.6mi 
PLS BE ADVISED: @NWSChicago has issued a beach hazards thru late PM. High wave action & dangerous swimming conditions expected.
  Tue 7/7 9:59a   Chicagoparks
#chiswimreport 7/7/15: swim advisories Calumet, Rainbow, 63rd Street, 31st Street, and Montrose Beaches based in water quality.
  Tue 7/7 9:57a   Chicagoparks
#chiparksmovies showing tonight (7/7): Annie(2014)(PG) @ #SkinnerPark. Movie begins @ dusk. Movies #InTheParks supported by @BofA_Community
  Tue 7/7 9:04a   Chicagoparks
@Pcoicou Please call the park location to inquire about hours of operation or closures due to weather.
  Mon 7/6 9:26p   Chicagoparks
RT @chifilmfest: .@chicagoparks' "Chicago Onscreen Local Film Showcase" features locally-made, indie films in 7 parks across the city 7/12 …
  Mon 7/6 9:25p   Chicagoparks
.@redmoontheater presents #TheGreatChicagoFireFestival Kick-Off Event at #LaVillitaPark on 7/9 from 11:30a-1p. Info:
  Mon 7/6 6:02p   Chicagoparks  
Join @SlowRollChicago for a Public Art & Architecture Bike Tour in #TuleyPark on 7/8 from 5-8:30p! RSVP & more info:
  Mon 7/6 5:02p   Chicagoparks  
Get Funky! Join The Mike Dangeroux Band at #HayesPark, 2936 W. 85th St. on Wed., July 8 from 7 - 8pm. All ages. FREE!
  Mon 7/6 2:03p   Chicagoparks   ~10.5mi 

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