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(Former) Schlitz Brewery Tied-House@11400S.Front, 11400 S. Front Ave., 1906 Frommann and Jebsen
  Wed 7/6/11   Landmark   ~13.5mi 

Metra: Kensington / 115th Street station: 115th St. & Cottage Grove Ave, Chicago IL - ME line.
     Train   ~.1mi 

(Former) Schlitz Brewery Stable Building, 11314 S. Front Ave., 1906 Frommann and Jebsen
  Wed 7/6/11   Landmark   ~.1mi 

I Welcome Myself to a New Place S Cottage Grove Ave & E 113th St. Artists Olivia Gude, Marcus Jefferson, and Jon Pounds. This collaborative mural was painted by a multi-generational group from Roseland and Pullman. The artists worked with over 100 volunteers to create a mural that connects and unifies the two communities 'bridging the gap'.
  1988   Art   ~.2mi 

FERNWOOD PKWY. 9501 S EGGLESTON AVE. 8.63 acres, ward 21
     Park   ~.3mi 

Pullman E 111th Pl & S Cottage Grove Ave Wednesday 7:00 AM-12:00 PM 07/10/2013-10/30/2013
     Market   ~.3mi 

LANGLEY 700 E 113TH ST. .99 acres, ward 9
     Park   ~.4mi 

Pullman Playlot S Langley Ave & E 113th St. Artists Olivia Gude and Jon Pounds. This project included a complete renovation of the existing children's playground. The new playground includes a 3-car 50 foot long train pulling away from the 'station', which is actually a sandbox decorated with signs and images done by the children of the community.
  1985   Art   ~.4mi 

ARCADE 11144 S ST LAWRENCE AVE. .88 acres, ward 9
     Park   ~.4mi 

PULLMAN (GEORGE) 11113 S COTTAGE GROVE AVE. .76 acres, ward 9
     Park   ~.4mi 

Metra: 111th Street (Pullman) station: 111th St. & Cottage Grove Ave, Chicago IL - ME line.
     Train   ~.4mi 

PALMER (POTTER) 200 E 111TH ST. 40.48 acres, ward 9
     Park   ~.5mi 

#9 - ANTHONY BEALE, 34 E 112TH PL, 773-785-1100
     Ward   ~.5mi 
Windy City Hoops league play tips off tonight at 7:30pm with simultaneous jump ball at all 10 sites! #chihoops
  Fri 4/19/13 1:56p   Chicagoparks   ~.5mi 

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