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#DYK, we're on Snapchat?! Follow our snaps at 'chicagoparks'. Share your snaps with us while you're #intheparks!
  Sat 9/24 5:01p   Chicagoparks  
Hey Teens, sign up for Windy City Hoops! It's free. Registration is ongoing. For more info, click here-->…
  Sat 9/24 3:01p   Chicagoparks  
Interested in doing business us? Join us at the Vendor Networking Fair on September 28 at #SouthShoreCulturalCenter!
  Sat 9/24 12:02p   Chicagoparks  
Join Audubon's Junior Naturalist Aidan Cullen and explore #RonanPark's Bird Sanctuary on Sunday 9/25. For info -->…
  Fri 9/23 5:01p   Chicagoparks  
Go Run! starts TOMORROW! Register for the free running program Sept. 24 - Nov. 12. Sign up now:…
  Fri 9/23 3:02p   Chicagoparks  
Get your kids active! Register them for POWER UP! Boot Camp on October 15 at #WestLawnPark
  Fri 9/23 12:03p   Chicagoparks  
@RelicOfMen Camping or overnight sleeping is prohibited in our parks. Parks close after 11pm.
  Fri 9/23 11:59a   Chicagoparks
@RelicOfMen Thanks for your tweet. We do not manage @millenniumpark, our friends at @ChicagoDCASE do.
  Fri 9/23 11:57a   Chicagoparks
Please be advised, #JuliaDeBurgosPark is closed today for soft surface repairs. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  Fri 9/23 10:02a   Chicagoparks  
#chiswimreport 9/23/16: Humboldt Park Beach is open for swimming from 11 am to 7 pm with no restrictions based on water quality.
  Fri 9/23 10a   Chicagoparks
Take part in Pumpkins in the Park 5K & CLIF Kid Spooky Sprint on 10/22. Register now --> Pr…
  Thu 9/22 5:01p   Chicagoparks  
Go fishing w/ Chicago's Fish'N Kids at #NortherlyIslandPark SATURDAY 9/24 from 8 - 11am. For more info, click here:…
  Thu 9/22 3:02p   Chicagoparks  
@SharonGaietto Gorgeous photo! Thanks for sharing!
  Thu 9/22 1:23p   Chicagoparks
Hope you can join us for Volunteer Appreciation Day on 10/1 at #NortherlyIslandPark. RSVP by 9/23:…
  Thu 9/22 12:02p   Chicagoparks  

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