Chicago Critical Mass - Fri 4/25 5:45p
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 A Few Clouds 44F NE14
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Chicago Critical Mass
Fri Apr 25th 5:45p

Critical Mass is a very large group bike event, gathering in Chicago the last Friday of every month for more than a decade. Leaves Daley Plaza downtown (50 W Washington St) around 6pm.
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CCM RT @ROADIECAB: @stevevance yeah I know. I learned that quickly last year. Still sucks, still baffles me and still goi...
CCM RT @AbbyMPC: Luckily cyclist seemed ok. Plus, Daley Center security guard wouldn't let the cab driver leave. Ugh. #bi...
CCM RT @ryangs: @AbbyMPC Daley Center guards generally good at protecting and respecting bike lane. Three cheers for guar...
CCM RT @ambrdawnb: Dear biker going the wrong way, Pretty sure that's illegal. Let's be courteous, predictable and law-ab...
CCM RT @AbbyMPC: A cyclist just got doored in front of me in @DearbornBikeLn cuz cab was in #bikelane at Daley Plaza. #bi...
CCM RT @ambrdawnb: Day 22: Formed a Pack #30daysofbiking #bikeCHI #Chicago
CCM RT @ROADIECAB: still so odd to me that never is anyone from #bikeCHI mbac at any meetings I have been to. If you supp...
CCM @totallytucson as a native of New Mexico I know the great biking in the Southwest USA. Lucky you!
CCM RT @BicyclingBroad: Reception @BFFbikes with @GiantBicycle's GM Elysa Walk. Mon. May 5- 7 pm, what can bike shops do ...
CCM RT @timbuk2chicago: #Timbuk2 celebrates #EarthDay everyday! Help us to keep #Chicago green by riding your bike or @Di...
CCM RT @ROADIECAB: #bikeCHI pedicab reg meetings were a waste of my time in 2013 & I expect the same next week. many vali...
CCM RT @echointhecity: Hey, #bikechi did you know that this MTB park needs your vote?
CCM RT @deannabellandi: Must stop being willfully ignorant of the weather when pedaling to work. #carryglovesuntiljune #b...
CCM Check out some new items!! "Stanchion Post & Ropes" for crowd control.. Different c...  © 2014 Andrew Bedno