Chicago Critical Mass - Fri 4/25 5:45p
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 Mostly Cloudy 43F S15
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Chicago Critical Mass
Fri Apr 25th 5:45p

Critical Mass is a very large group bike event, gathering in Chicago the last Friday of every month for more than a decade. Leaves Daley Plaza downtown (50 W Washington St) around 6pm.
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4/16 2:01p For the April "Earth Mass", we are taking a global perspective to examine the role of grassroots activis...
CCM RT @cyclesecondcity: Free smells. The best smells. #bikechi
CCM RT @po_campo: Check out the Po Campo bags featured in this story about our friends at @BFFBikes #BikeChi #WomenBike
CCM @echointhecity still amazed at the great paint job you did on your bike. Looks great.
CCM RT @transitized: To the #bikechi bicyclist who just mumbled "are you serious?" behind me when I stopped to let peds c...
CCM RT @CIDDmeetup: ‘Envato Live’ Pop-Up Coworking Space - Chicago, June 7 2014 via @tutsplus #event
CCM For the April "Earth Mass", we are taking a global perspective to examine the role of grassroots activism in the deve...
CCM “@yo_uterus: I think it's time for another PSA about shoaling to go out to #bikechi Here it is: Please stop.” AME...
CCM @MajorTaylorChi don't forget this @30daysofbiking month. #bikeChi
CCM RT @kofchicago: will this be the day I finally #bikeCHI down Elston for Soup & Bread at the Hideout? well it's the la...
CCM “@bellwak: Thanks @ChiCritMass and other folks who tweeted my CL post about the dog trailer. A nice neighbor picked...
CCM [*CCM*] Bicyclist Michael Bowman Beaten In Attack Caught On Helmet Cam In Baltimore (Video at link. GV) A bicyclist w...
CCM @davidpulsipher farmers blow-drafter suck
CCM RT @ShaunJacobsen: It's cold and windy but I'm on #bikechi today. Sick of the CTA.
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