Subject to Change - Fri 2/27/1998 6p
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Chicago Critical Mass
Subject to Change
Fri Feb 27th 1998 6p

Critical Mass is a very large group bike event, gathering in Chicago the last Friday of every month for 15+ years. Leaves Daley Plaza downtown (50 W Washington St) around 6pm.
Contact: Unknown
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CCM RT @jstills1215: Walking to Concord Music Hall to see Primus play w/ Dan Carey on drums I see bike racks in a patch o...
CCM “@soozed: Morning inspiration #color #streetart #bikechi @sevencycles ” you find some of the best art.
CCM RT @f4nt: I like this guy. Huge empty parking space, but parks in the bike lane instead. We'll played. #bikechi
CCM RT @craignewman: Here's What Getting Doored Looks Like From A Cyclist's Perspective #bikechi
CCM RT @futurefixie: @ChiCritMass thanks for following us! A little video of us here: #buyabikegiveabike #bikingforafut…
CCM @ossivorous perfect day for a six pack
CCM RT @pixie_casey: just got hollered at by a guy hanging out the passenger side of what I presume was his best friend's...
CCM RT @NuunSoCal: That's a wrap folks! Thanks for another great @Interbike! @peopleforbikes #RideYourBike #Cycling #Nuun...
CCM @ebonisenai it's not that Chicago is so good. It is everyone else sucks more than us. Sad but true
CCM RT @ebonisenai: It's too hard to be at these conferences to see #bikeCHI touted as a shining example when there are s...
CCM RT @bkevenides: What It Looks Like To Get Doored While Biking via @Digg Terrifying. #bikeCHI
CCM RT @bkevenides: CDOT flyers for windshields of cars blocking bike lanes & other good news from MBAC. #bikeCHI
CCM RT @LegacyFrames: Our first #custom rack is almost complete. This one is for a handlebar bag. #wip #musa #bikechi @…
CCM RT @VeganPedicab: Pedicabs have infiltrated #RiotFestChicago. #pedicab #riotfest #bikeCHI
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