Chicago Critical Mass - Fri 4/29 5:45p
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RT @activetrans: Good advice on getting kids of all ages to love biking from @peopleforbikes
  Fri 4/29 10:46a   Chicritmass  
RT @bkevenides: Yes, I'm Pregnant. And Riding My Bike. # via @HuffPostParents #bikeCHI
  Fri 4/29 10:45a   Chicritmass  
RT @lalabicyclette: Right lane, stopped at red. HONK Driver: "You're blocking the light! I'm tryin to get to work!" ...yup, so am I and lot…
  Fri 4/29 10:31a   Chicritmass
RT @thechainlinkorg: Chainlink Ride Report: Great Lakes Randonneurs 200-Kilometer Brevet. #bikechi
  Fri 4/29 10:30a   Chicritmass  
WhoFish Upcoming Events If you are unable to read this email, you can see it here . Illinois View Entire List Highlights for this weekend include: • Quincy, Dogwood Festival • Moline, Monster Jam • Rolling Meadows, Dog Dayz • Saint Charles, Kane County Flea Market • Rockford, Walk MS Illinois • Lombard, Lilac Time Art and Craft Fair • Peoria, Maif...
  Fri 4/29 9:17a   Edi~rs

April 2016 issue of The Derailleur, an unofficial publication of Chicago Critical Mass. Read the entire issue here:
  Fri 4/29 6:42a   CHICAGO CRITICAL MASS  
Re: [*CCM*] Earth Mass Friday I agree with Bob other than the lack of tact. 15 miles is kind of long for CCM, but even so it would probably be better to add a few turns and make the ride a little longer. Being somewhat cold tomorrow I'd only expect the hard core to go the full distance and hang out at the lake front. An extra 2 or 3 miles won't matter much. On Thu, Apr 28,...
  Thu 4/28 8:37p   Spe~es
Re: [*CCM*] Earth Mass Friday On 4/28/2016 12:41 PM, Andrew Bedno wrote: > Hi fellow pedalphiles! > For this Friday I've proposed the fourth iteration of "Earth Mass." > About 15 miles through several of the big parks (Union Park, Garfield Park, > Humboldt Park, Palmer Square Park, Logan Square, Horner Park, Welles Park, > Wilson Lakefront). > Far, far too many long strai...
  Thu 4/28 8:25p   Bob Kastigar

Fielding "Earth Mass" v4, a 15mi ride through the big parks. Forecasting 45F.
  Thu 4/28 8:08p   CHICAGO CRITICAL MASS
Watch the happiest dog in the world invade a Copa Libertadores match
  Thu 4/28 3:23p   Chicritmass  
RT @NextCityOrg: Dutch City Takes Protected Intersection for Bikes a Step Further
  Thu 4/28 2:17p   Chicritmass  
RT @NextCityOrg: How We’ll Know When We’re Getting Bike Equity Right
  Thu 4/28 2:16p   Chicritmass  
RT @Sherrell_Dorsey: NEW POST: Will N.C. Cities Embrace Regional Transportation Plan?
  Thu 4/28 2:16p   Chicritmass  
RT @itcaughtmyeye: The land of #wind-powered #trains & #bikes galore is looking to ban all non-#EV #cars by 2025 #c…
  Thu 4/28 1:54p   Chicritmass  

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