Chicago Critical Mass - Fri 5/29 5:45p
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 67F E6-10 Partly Cloudy 36h
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[*CCM*] First Curbed Bike Lanes in the City Installed at Douglas Park - North Lawndale - Chicago (Photos at link. GV) NORTH LAWNDALE — After landing Riot Fest earlier this week, Douglas Park now has another reason to brag — the park is the first in the city to land curb-protected bike lanes. The lanes were installed this week as part of a resurfacing project ...
  Fri 5/22 10:38a   Gjv~nt   ~3.4mi 
RT @jennik84: .@bkevenides @ChiCritMass Joggers, peds, and cyclists wear headphones on the LFT, totally unaware of traffic. So unsafe! #bik…
  Fri 5/22 8:09a   Chicritmass
RT @bikechicago: Stop by our Riverwalk location, rent a bike or sign up for one of our segway tours #bikechi
  Fri 5/22 8:09a   Chicritmass  
RT @aaron_griffin81: 2015 Bike The Drive shirt. Can't wait to receive my jersey. #mbbikethedrive #bikechi #chicago
  Fri 5/22 8:09a   Chicritmass  
RT @lpangelrob: Nice to know that regulation still does great at killing jobs. #bikeCHI
  Fri 5/22 8:08a   Chicritmass  
WhoFish Weekend Events If you are unable to read this email, you can see it here . Illinois View Entire List Highlights for this weekend include: • Chicago, Belmont-Sheffield Music Festival • Saint Charles, St. Charles Fine Art Show 2015 • Evanston, The Great Superhero Exposition: Spring Youth Circus • Chicago, Randolph Street Market Fest • Chicago, 2015 ...
  Fri 5/22 7:26a   Edi~rs
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  Fri 5/22 6:20a   Plz~il
RT @bkevenides: Our new associate's article in Red Eye: How to keep the new Bloomingdale Trail civilized #bikecHI
  Fri 5/22 1:10a   Chicritmass  
RT @cutcatschicago: #standby @NatureMuseum in #LincolnPark #bikeCHI
  Fri 5/22 1:10a   Chicritmass  
RT @bkevenides: Go away Rollerbladers - and other ways to keep Bloomingdale Trail civilized #bikeCHI
  Fri 5/22 1:09a   Chicritmass  
RT @rwilkening: @ChicagoDOT thank you for re-protecting the Harrison St bike lane! #bikechi
  Fri 5/22 1:09a   Chicritmass
RT @craignewman: Not sure which was more deplorable - the weather or condition of our streets. I guess the weather will get better at some …
  Thu 5/21 4:58p   Chicritmass

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