Chicago Critical Mass - Fri 10/28 5:45p
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 50F SE15 Light Rain 44i
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[*CCM*] Cyclist Thrown Into Pickup Truck After Yet Another Crash On Milwaukee Ave. Excerpt: AVONDALE — Cyclist Jacob Lockemy said he's lucky to be alive after colliding with a pickup truck on Milwaukee Avenue. He was helped at the scene by a man who himself had been in a serious bike crash. Lockemy was riding south on Milwaukee Avenue during the morning rush hour recently ...
  Tue 10/25 3:19p   Gjv~nt  
RT @DNAinfoCHI: More than 22,000 Chicagoans have already voted
  Tue 10/25 12:29a   Chicritmass  
RT @WGNNews: Twin fans Clark and Addison only wait 4 months to see #Cubs in World Series
  Mon 10/24 11:55p   Chicritmass  
RT @ShowYouSuck: WHOA
  Mon 10/24 11:55p   Chicritmass  
RT @TechCrunch: Singapore to trial driverless buses after successful shuttle pilot
  Mon 10/24 8:22p   Chicritmass  
RT @mckra1g: Paging @ChiCritMass #bikechi #useyournoodle 😉🚴🏽💨
  Mon 10/24 7:15p   Chicritmass  
RT @dnainfo_breen: Cyclist Thrown Into Pickup Truck After Yet Another Crash On Milwaukee Ave.…
  Mon 10/24 7:15p   Chicritmass  
RESPOND TO THIS E-MAIL WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT.... Federal Reserve Bank New York Ref.: Payment Release Update. Amount Valued: US$12,800,000.00 Foreign payment allocation security code (US/A84PRFGN2016) Attention: Beneficiary, By means of this message, we wish to inform you tha...
  Mon 10/24 2:49p   Ad~in
RT @SportsCenter: Yao Ming (7' 6") and Gary Player (5' 6") played together at the Mission Hills World Celebrity Pro-Am tournament in China.…
  Sun 10/23 10:30p   Chicritmass
RT @cheekysu: Criticism Compels Uber to Pull Ad About Giving Up on the Subway
  Sun 10/23 10:26p   Chicritmass  
RT @StrongTowns: ICYMI: "Making My City More Bike-Friendly for $0" by @joe4cd1 #cycling
  Sun 10/23 9:39p   Chicritmass  
RT @chicago_bicycle: Congrats @thechainlinkorg!
  Sun 10/23 8:24p   Chicritmass  
Anyone missing a VanMoof #bikechi ?
  Sun 10/23 4:47p   Chicritmass
Sweet! Learning basic bike skills always important & usually not that hard to do. Great job 🙌
  Sun 10/23 4:43p   Chicritmass  

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