Chicago Critical Mass - Fri 8/29 5:45p
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NEWS from Chicago Critical Mass - Fri 8/29 5:45pOld»        POST 
[*CCM*] Design Competition Launched for New Logo for Bike Racks in Rogers Park (Photos at link. GV) ROGERS PARK — Ald. Joe Moore launched a design competition Tuesday for a new neighborhood logo that would be featured on several of 100 new bike racks. The logo would be cut into decorative racks located at high-traffic areas of the neighborhood, Moore said in an email to hi...
  Wed 8/20 8:58a   Gjv~nt  
RT @laurelwamsley: The biggest menaces on my bike commute: 1) delivery trucks & cars with flashers parked in bike lane, 2) torn up pavement…
  Wed 8/20 8:26a   Chicritmass   ~7.6mi
RT @MajorTaylorChi: Here is the @ridewithgps route for Sat's Lock n' Roll Ride. @CHI_SwimAholic @RandolphManning #bikeCHI
  Wed 8/20 8:26a   Chicritmass
Increase Online Business: Chicagocriticalmass.Org Hi Chicagocriticalmass.Org Team, I thought you might like to know some of the reasons why you are not getting enough organic & social media traffic from your website Chicagocriticalmass.Org Some of the major steps you can adopt to rank well in SERPs organically and increase your social media presence are: 1. Your website is n...
  Wed 8/20 2:58a   Van~49
RT @molly_raskin: cheers to the cop handing out free bike lights at the corner of Logan blvd and Milwaukee. cycling advocacy can be that si…
  Wed 8/20 12:15a   Chicritmass   ~.6mi
RT @mchizek: #bikechi how often does the lakefront trail get swept by north ave beach? Sand everywhere isn't bike friendly!
  Wed 8/20 12:15a   Chicritmass
RT @FPDCC: Interested in the North Branch Trail Southern Extension? Join us at a Community Open House 8/21: #bikechi
  Wed 8/20 12:15a   Chicritmass  
=?UTF-8?Q?Re:She=20will=20look=20at=20u=20differently? No pictures? click here By descent the banana bush is a developed tropical lily, not at all remotely allied to the common iris, only that its flowers and fruit are clustered together on a hanging spike, instead of growing solitary and separate as in the true irises. The blossoms, which, though pretty, are comparatively i...
  Tue 8/19 6:56p   Phe~er
RT @bikechiguide: Bicyclist right-hooked by taxi driver in River North #closecall #bikeCHI
  Tue 8/19 5:57p   Chicritmass  
RT @activetrans: Cook County Forest Preserve is hosting 8/21 mtg on plans to extend North Branch trail south, details: …
  Tue 8/19 5:56p   Chicritmass  
RT @activetrans: Want better bike parking? Take our survey to help document where #bikechi needs more secure bike parking:…
  Tue 8/19 5:55p   Chicritmass
RT @EssFresh: Someone ripped off my Brooks Cam. saddle at Elston and California. I will pay for it if someone tries to sell it to you. #…
  Tue 8/19 5:54p   Chicritmass   ~5.2mi
RT @greenfieldjohn: Someone posted 100s of anti-bike stickers at @UChicago hospitals. @HydeParkHerald @activetrans @ChicagoDOT #bikeCHi htt…
  Tue 8/19 5:54p   Chicritmass
@KidicalMassChi you have very smart parents. #bikeCHi #Chicago
  Tue 8/19 5:54p   Chicritmass

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