Chicago Critical Mass - Fri 7/31 5:45p
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BYD Shows Off Its Newest Electric Bus
  Mon 6/29 7:50p   Chicritmass  
The trip to work in Chicago's metro area averages 31 minutes
  Mon 6/29 7:44p   Chicritmass  
FG appeals to Nigerians to use bicycles for safe transport
  Mon 6/29 7:36p   Chicritmass  
3 Electric Vehicles You Might Want But Can’t Have in America
  Mon 6/29 7:35p   Chicritmass  
Public transportation is free in Athens this week because it’s so hard to get cash
  Mon 6/29 7:28p   Chicritmass  
Ford to create e-bike for busy commuters
  Mon 6/29 7:27p   Chicritmass  
Paris Is Making Its Crazy Roundabouts Safer for Cyclists
  Mon 6/29 5:45p   Chicritmass  
A great bike organization in Chicago #bikeChi
  Mon 6/29 5:33p   Chicritmass  
[*CCM*] Blatant Theatre Advertising (bicycle oriented) (For those who are interested in interactive theater.) PORTAGE PARK — Tickets are on sale now for the Filament Theatre Ensemble’s production of "Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of Portage Park,” an interactive performance that will send audience members through the streets of Portage Park to solve the whodunit. The...
  Mon 6/29 10:38a   Gjv~nt  
A Chainless E-Bike From Korean Automotive Company Interesting concept
  Mon 6/29 7:30a   Chicritmass  
RT @kofchicago: it took 2 full years of @DivvyBikes being around, but I FINALLY saw one locked to a pole like a regular bike yesterday! in …
  Mon 6/29 7:16a   Chicritmass
RT @chrisdidato: 2nd bike rack for Leavitt & Cermak, by dentist office? @AldermanSolis @ChicagoDOT #bikechi
  Mon 6/29 7:15a   Chicritmass   ~3.4mi 
RT @aka60643: Save the date: 7/5 #Chicycling Bridgeport/Chinatown ride. Anyone is welcome. #bikeCHI #fb
  Mon 6/29 7:15a   Chicritmass  
RT @ChicagoBikeLaw: 6 #bikeCHI trips you might not have thought to make:...
  Sun 6/28 7:47p   Chicritmass  

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