Underwear Mass - Fri 7/30/10 6p
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 74F NE6 Clear
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Chicago Critical Mass
Underwear Mass
Fri Jul 30th 2010 6p

Critical Mass is a very large group bike event, gathering in Chicago the last Friday of every month for 15+ years. Leaves Daley Plaza downtown (50 W Washington St) around 6pm.
Contact: Barbra R
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6/28 10:25p CCM rider Tayler is organizing a late night bike ride and beach fireworks. Check it out:
CCM Re: [*CCM*] The ride on the 24th +1 I think you did a good job. This is a pretty accurate description of what I saw O...
CCM Re: [*CCM*] The ride on the 24th I think I did a decent job of controlling the overall pace of the ride last Friday, ...
CCM [*CCM*] Metra Alert - System Wide - Metra Service July 1st thru July 4th, Alcohol and Possible Bicycle Restrictions M...
CCM Shit! File a police report. Report it on, also on @stolenbikeschi go check out SwapRama
CCM RT @XWASPAC: Our favorite @DivvyBikes location is at (you guessed it) Washington Square Park Dearborn & Delaware #bik...
CCM RT @Dionsmusica: Just completed a 10.76 mi bike - #bikechi #divvy #bpfamily #embracethegrind #Runkeeper
CCM RT @MikePriesWBBM: To the dudebro riding his bicycle on the Ike around 7:15pm: 1. backwards cap ≠helmet 2. DO NOT R...
CCM RT @CarmintheB: No more bike/car collisions. We need to improve intersection safety! #bikechi @streetsblogchi
CCM Re: [*CCM*] The ride on the 24th Let the fast kids in the front break away. Inform people to keep it under 6mph & the...
CCM Introducing: The Mayo Clinic Diet Online!
CCM CCM rider Tayler is organizing a late night bike ride and beach fireworks. Check it out:
CCM RT @CSTbreaking: UPDATE: 17-year-old boy dies after being struck by Metra train
CCM Another reason to ride your bike
CCM RT @Millennium_Park: New this year—we have food trucks on the east side of Jay Pritzker Pavilion during concerts, f...  © 2016 Andrew Bedno