Full Moon - Fri 9/24/1999 6p
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Chicago Critical Mass
Full Moon
Fri Sep 24th 1999 6p

Critical Mass is a very large group bike event, gathering in Chicago the last Friday of every month for 15+ years. Leaves Daley Plaza downtown (50 W Washington St) around 6pm.
Contact: David Z.
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CCM RT @slowbikesociety: Why don't more people take @cta at all hours? Off rush is ghost-ville. Why #chicago?
CCM RT @Slate: The EPA still hasn't fired that employee with the epic porn-at-work habit:
CCM RT @RyanArnoldRocks: What are some of your fave one hit wonder songs from the 80s? Maybe @Tributosaurus will play 'em...
CCM RT @BigTechNews: Audi gets first permit to test self-driving cars on California roads - Los Angeles Times -
CCM RT @DNAinfoCHI: Got pot-centric business ideas? Share 'em at the Marijuana Investment Summit
CCM RT @DNAinfoCHI: Police identified a carjacker using a photo taken by an app that recognizes when a phone is stolen, p...
CCM RT @DNAinfoCHI: Which out-of-state plates draw the most parking tickets in Chicago?
CCM RT @DNAinfoCHI: The world's best museum, according to @TripAdvisor? It's right here in Chicago
CCM RT @CatlinMichael: @ZKM @ChiCritMass would have been better off leaving the seat
CCM RT @ZKM: It saddens me to see poorly locked bikes #bikeChi
CCM RT @VolunteerJunkie: Just passed bicyclist hit by car(?) accident, Milwaukee south of Moffat/Oakley. Other cyclists s...
CCM Good day My names are Frank Edward, an italian based international financial consultant/attorney. One of my clients f...
CCM RT @RiotFest: Chicago. Riot Fest Lost & Found. Email Make sure to put CHICAGO in the ...
CCM RT @GreenLaneProj: Big news! The Green Lane Project's eye-opening study tours are now open to any city…
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