Full Moon - Fri 9/24/1999 6p
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Chicago Critical Mass
Full Moon
Fri Sep 24th 1999 6p

Critical Mass is a very large group bike event, gathering in Chicago the last Friday of every month for 15+ years. Leaves Daley Plaza downtown (50 W Washington St) around 6pm.
Contact: David Z.
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10/23 12:53p #tbt video from Chicago Critical Mass October 2008. So, what are you and your bike dressing up as this...
CCM #tbt video from Chicago Critical Mass October 2008. So, what are you and your bike dressing up as this year? ?v=51813...
CCM Chicago Critical Mass Halloween Ride. Dress in your best costume and ride with zombies, butterflies, vampires, clowns...
CCM Re: [*CCM*] Fwd: Fall Cycling Fair- Tomorrow! Those bike paths are relatively new, actually! I graduated in 2012 and...
CCM Re: [*CCM*] Fwd: Fall Cycling Fair- Tomorrow! I go to uic and didn't even know we had an office of sustainability. Th...
CCM Guaranteed Snoring Solution - It works! Web View TRY ZQUIET FOR 30 DAYS FOR ONLY $9.95! Take advantage of this spe...
CCM RT @SustainableUIC: 'Twas a grand time at the Bike Fair Thx @WestTownBikes @WorkingBikes @thechainlinkorg @wbikechi @...
CCM RT @luke0411: Jimmy Jones (@JimmyJMMA) posted a tweet claiming he killed a cyclist in 2001 & got away with it. W. T. ...
CCM RT @planetizen: Wed.'s top story: The 'Young and Restless' Choosing to Live in Cities
CCM RT @MCMHandles: RT @JustRideLA: Ten Women's Bike Mechanic Scholarships up for Grabs #JustRideLA #RoadRespect #WomenBi...
CCM “@CSTbreaking: Driver charged in hit-and-run that seriously hurt bicyclist ” woohoo!! #bikeChi
CCM RT @AIGRugby: Learn the Haka from Chief Hohepa himself. #DoTheHaka
CCM RT @inhabitat: Hey city cyclists! This foldable bike closes with a single kick so you can haul it onto the subway wit...
CCM RT @inhabitat: Want to build your own electric bike? Here you go!
CCM RT @inhabitat: We can turn our cities into major food production powerhouses; here's how:
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