Full Moon - Fri 9/24/1999 6p
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 A Few Clouds 58F SE13
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Chicago Critical Mass
Full Moon
Fri Sep 24th 1999 6p

Critical Mass is a very large group bike event, gathering in Chicago the last Friday of every month for 15+ years. Leaves Daley Plaza downtown (50 W Washington St) around 6pm.
Contact: David Z.
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9/28 1:56p Friday's wondrous 200th+ ride's now archived. Bravo on the first time (in my memory) that mass took an X...
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CCM RT @mikelikesbikes: This is alarming… RT @ZKM: Gone In 60 Seconds - The Bike Crime Wave Part 1 - YouTube #BikeChi #...
CCM RT @BikeWalkLP: Good news! Most of Lincoln Ave to be resurfaced south of Diversey over next weeks, reports @AldermanS...
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CCM RT @MichelleStenzel: We've clearly marked the Navy Pier detour that we'd prefer. #bikeCHI #chiLFT
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