Subject to Change - Fri 2/27/1998 6p
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Chicago Critical Mass
Subject to Change
Fri Feb 27th 1998 6p

Critical Mass is a very large group bike event, gathering in Chicago the last Friday of every month for 15+ years. Leaves Daley Plaza downtown (50 W Washington St) around 6pm.
Contact: Unknown
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CCM Good Day Beloved.. Good Day Beloved My name is Zainal Aziz Omar, A Libya national I have been diagnosed with Oesophag...
CCM RT @TonyContraversi: @ChiCritMass crazy Amazon driver. Female AA, long straight hair. Disobeys stop signs, on phone.a...
CCM So true
CCM RT @lennartnout: The city of Amsterdam invites start-ups to think of innovative ideas to get more people cycling. Gre...
CCM RT @BicyclingMag: These core moves are game changers:
CCM RT @chicagotribune: The fact Styrofoam recycling for 10 communities was run by a single volunteer is emblematic of it...
CCM RT @WGNNews: Another nice day ahead tomorrow. @Skilling has the latest live now on WGN News:…
CCM RT @AnamariaSpiteri: Chicago Has A Booming, Spandex-Free Underground Bike Club - As many as 250 cyclists, but no "fak...
CCM RT @Anna_Affias: Cyclist or driver in the Chicagoland area? Have a listen to this @WBEZ bike safety convo: #BikeCHI…
CCM Required Items..Catalog Good day, We are interested to place a trial order. Attached please fine our company caralogu...
CCM #bikechi
CCM RT @ReneePrisble: #BikeCHI
CCM Kinda young fixie kids but not that bad. Plus you can always peel off when you want
CCM RT @UlteriorMotors: @DNA_WPB @dnainfo_breen I'm there every week. It's a good time! #BikeCHI  © 2016 Andrew Bedno