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Let the city know about hazardous sidewalks and get alternate directions from Chi Safe Path.
  Fri 10/21 9:03a   Activetrans  
See how people around the world took advantage of World Car-Free Day.
  Thu 10/20 5:31p   Activetrans  
Our #ClearTheWay Campaign received over 500 reports in just one month. Your efforts are making an impact.…
  Thu 10/20 3:18p   Activetrans  
@Phutch we're actually working on that idea and @DNAinfoCHI has some recent coverage!
  Thu 10/20 10:49a   Activetrans  
The Riverwalk has already gotten so many more Chicagoans walking + enjoying open space. Final leg opens this weekend
  Thu 10/20 9:41a   Activetrans  
Evanston offers plans for Sheridan Rd restructuring with a lower speed limit and protected bike lanes #VisionZero
  Wed 10/19 11:30a   Activetrans  
What better place to unveil a Chicago River Trail Action Plan than on a river cruise? Thanks, @wendellaboats!…
  Wed 10/19 8:30a   Activetrans  
RT @ChicagoAthlete: .@activetrans released a River Trail Plan, which envisions development of 27-mile trail by 2030
  Tue 10/18 5:55p   Activetrans  
@blackstonebikes has a position opening for a Program Manager. A great program
  Tue 10/18 3:55p   Activetrans  
Genius! The Dutch Reach is a simple life-saving maneuver that can prevent bicyclists from getting doored.…
  Tue 10/18 1:45p   Activetrans  
RT @BikeWalkLP: We're definitely "on board" with the plan for a seamless Chicago River Trail, @activetrans.
  Tue 10/18 9:17a   Activetrans  
Evanston residents: Tonight's City Council meeting features an update on the Sheridan Rd bike lane project.
  Mon 10/17 3:32p   Activetrans  
Big upgrades coming to @cta Belmont Blue Line Station, including making prepaid bus boarding permanent!…
  Mon 10/17 1p   Activetrans  
RT @Surgeon_General #StepItUpUSA Challenge is underway! Join a team, see if you have what it takes to outwalk me…
  Mon 10/17 10:20a   Activetrans  

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