Chiditarod XII - Sat 3/7 12p
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 Fair 7F S6
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Chiditarod XII
Sat Mar 7th 12p

Chicago's Epic Urban Iditarod. A charity food drive, beauty pageant, costumed shopping cart race, talent show, fundraiser and chaos generator all in one. And probably the world's largest mobile food drive, benefiting the Greater Chicago Food Depository.
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3/5 9:47p Things to do before bed? Know there's something important in the morning? OH YEAH, Get all your friends t...
NOW Things to do before bed? Know there's something important in the morning? OH YEAH, Get all your friends to donate to ...
NOW #tbt 2013 17,133 lbs of food raised, $26,750 lead to$20,000 in grants, 303 #volunteers & 745 racers! #RODX a
NOW #tbt 2012, Raised 21,667 lbs of food, $18,500 by 250 #volunteers & 755 #racers #RODX
NOW #tbt 2011-19,087 lbs of food, $18,500 raised, 185 #volunteers, 735 #racers #RODX
NOW ?v=771346496284828
NOW Here is video teaser promo of some of my custom designed visual graphics that will be projecting on the big screens a...
NOW Looking for a decent happy hour and a place to donate some food? Check out Phyllis' Musical Inn, donate some food, an...
NOW If you're hanging around Ukrainian Village Neighborhood Association - Chicago or Wicker Park Bucktown Chamber you mig...
NOW #tbt 2010 Raised 14,525 lbs of food, $2,500, 163 #volunteers, 625 #racers! #RODX
NOW #tbt 2009, 7,758 lbs of food, 125 #volunteers, 500 #racers #RODX
NOW 2015 Team Names and Team # Info is posted at Know your correct team name and number before stepping up to pre-reg and...
NOW #tbt 2008 2,400 lbs of food, 99 #volunteers, 350 #racers #RODX
NOW #tbt 2007, 26 #volunteers, 185 #racers! #RODX
NOW In 2013, CHIditarod rose the bar again. 745 Racers and 303 Volunteers raised 17,133 lbs a.ka 14,278 meals for GCFD. W...
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