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ATA The Village of Arlington Heights wants your feedback to shape a bike/pedestrian plan! The village was awarded a grant...
PUB Last minute prep for tonight's @activetrans Awards Reception! Can't wait! #nonprofit #bikechi
ATA The 2014 election season is upon us and Active Trans has asked candidates running for Illinois governor to respond to...
PUB Hm. Google maps tells me that the right turn from Oak on to Southbound Michigan is a 591 ft drop. Somehow I think tha...
PUB It's a little strange that with all of that space in front of the Daley Center, there aren't any bike racks. #bikechi
ATA Do you struggle getting around the Museum Campus? Attend a public meeting tonight to help bring biking, walking and t...
PUB RT @FPDCC: North Branch Trail extension connects to Green Bay Trail & provides new access point to the @chicagobotani...
PUB over here at 4am feels like sitting on the edge of the world. #bikeCHI #NightRider
ATA Be part of bringing biking, walking and transit improvements to the Museum Campus. Attend tonight's public meeting!
ATA Where do candidates for Illinois governor stand on active transportation? - The 2014 election season is upon us and A...
PUB Thanks to @cuttincruiser , @halfacrecycling, @HalfAcreBeer and Seth Gable for helping make this happen. #bikechi
WNBRC wnbrc Here's your chance to get a walk-in tub Unsubscribe Walk-inTub Isn't it Time You Added a Walk-in Tub Walk-in tu...
CCM ccm Search for convenient online doctorate degree courses Unsubscribe Online Doctorate Take classes online to earn yo...
ATA The Damen Blue Line stop is closed for a couple of months, and @DNAinfoChi offers some alternative transit options:
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